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We are a small store with a big heart located in the heart of Arlington on Broadway Plaza.

Our mission is to support local artist by providing an exciting venue to display and sell their work.  At the Artful Heart Gallery artists and buyers come together in a vibrant and welcoming environment. By hosting artist talks and special events The Artful Heart Gallery encourages the wider community to see and share the beauty of locally made crafts.



Updates From Our Gallery


Hand-crafted, custom-made cutting boards for your kitchen.

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“If I’m going to go after one more affair of the heart at 84, I’d better get my ass in gear,” says Lillian, speaking for all the characters in these six stories.

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In the woods around my studio more maple saplings grow than can possibly survive for lack of space. Choosing a sapling to cut, I thank it for its life with a prayer and let it know that I will be transforming it into “Tranquility Prayer Sticks.”

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Specializing in natural hot and cold therapy, weighted washables, and medicinal herbal products.

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Find the inner peace and healing that comes from one’s own heart as well as being a tool for those looking to broaden and deepen their meditative experience.

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From Vietnam, hand-crafted greeting cards, meticulously designed.

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